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Was This Rescue Fate? Adopted Dog Sniffs Out Danger And Alerts New Family.

Ranger the hero dog

Once you’ve been around the block a few times, it’s easy to sniff out dangerous situations.

A former stray dog named Ranger has finally found a loving family home, and it’s all thanks to the kindness of a stranger. Animal rescuer Mary Cormier of College Station, Texas says the hound-mix wandered the streets of her community for the past seven years.

“He made it through every winter, every blistering Texas heat for seven years,” Mary said.

One day, Mary received a call about Ranger that stopped her in her tracks. The dog had been hit by a car and needed surgery. Without a second thought, Mary fundraised for help pay for his surgery and then took him home while he recovered. She quickly discovered that in spite of his rough past, Ranger had a heart of pure gold.

“Some dogs are just good,” she continued. “There’s nothing negative I could say about him. This is a good dog.”

When his wounds had healed, Mary decided to find him a forever home where he could live inside for the rest of his days. She rejected a few potential matches who wanted him to stay outside before settling on Judy Okert, a grandmother in nearby Montgomery who recently had to put her beloved dog down. The moment Judy and Ranger met, it was love at first sight!

Judy took Ranger in, and they instantly bonded. The dog quickly proved to be a gentleman in the house as well as a fierce protector for his new family.

“He will walk with me and if there’s something he’s not too sure of, he will stop and put his hip right about my knee and we wait until he’s sure it’s alright to go on,” Judy described.

It wasn’t until Judy’s granddaughter was visiting that Ranger’s true heroic nature was on full display.

Sensing there was something wrong, he started to whine and paw at the child’s door, then he went to get Judy. It turns out that Judy’s granddaughter was having a seizure in her room, and the dog was desperate to get help.

“I don’t know what we would’ve done without him,” said the grateful grandma.

After living on the streets for most of his life, Ranger is not about to let anything happen to his family on his watch! This is just another example of how much dogs give us while asking so little in return. We’re so happy it like he’s finally living the safe, comfortable life he was meant to have.

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