Potty Humor: 5 Of The Craziest Things Found In Toilets.

puppy behind toilet and cop in toilet

In a world of high-brow jokes, sometimes you just need a bit of potty humor to get through the day. These instances of crazy toilet discoveries are sure to do the trick.


Read on to discover five absurd instances of real-life potty humor!

1. Lizards have a way of showing up in unlikely places.

This Florida family opened their toilet to discover an iguana enjoying the cool atmosphere. The lizard was alive and well, shocking the family so that they had to call in some support from friends.

2. Outhouse nightmare!

I’m pretty sure this is everyone’s worst fear. This Michigan woman was trapped in an outhouse in Otsego County and needed to call in some assistance. However, prior to her being trapped… she dropped her Apple Watch in the toilet! This potty humor is just a bummer of a circumstance!

3. Snake alert!

If you thought the iguana was bad… what about this snake? This potty humor might actually be the thing of nightmares! The homeowner had to call in some professionals to help remove this coachwhip snake from her toilet.

4. This potty humor is sort of… romantic?

This couple’s young son flushed an engagement ring down the toilet. However, after over a year, the ring was discovered during sewer maintenance in the neighborhood! While this ring certainly needed a tune-up, it was an amazing discovery!

5. This dog has a thing for potty humor!

Tippy the Dog required a little extra help when he got stuck behind the porcelain throne. In fact, the fire department had to come and “tip” the toilet so Tippy could run free. While he was a bit shaken up by the incident, Tippy quickly got back to “dozing comfortably.”

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