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Woman Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime When Pod Of Dolphins Joins Her Wakeboarding Run.

dolphins wakeboarding

For many of us, our best summertime memories involve water – whether it’s going to the beach, boating on a lake, or simply throwing water balloons with our friends. Usually, these activities are cut and dry, with no major surprises involved. 

One lucky woman received the surprise of a lifetime while she was wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez. While out enjoying the water and sun, her boat happened upon a family of dolphins. As you can imagine, what happened next was nothing short of incredible. 


In a video that quickly went viral, the scene opens showing how the small boat is surrounded by a school of dolphins. The camera pans over and we see a woman who is one of the luckiest individuals in our books â – because she’s wakeboarding with the dolphins!

The boat stays slow and steady, so as not to disturb the mammals. Still, it’s going fast enough for the woman to remain upright on her board. Soon, the dolphins find their way to the boat and don’t seem afraid at all. In fact, they start swimming right alongside the woman! 


The woman has no intention of stopping the experience, and the dolphins are completely unfazed by her presence. Soon, more and more dolphins show up and even start breaching right next to her! 

Wyatt Miller, a professional windsurfer, posted the video and even said this was one of the “top three”best afternoons of his life. What an unbelievable experience! 


The video has been viewed nearly 22 million times and has racked up over 18,000 “likes.”People all over the world have watched it and are as mesmerized by the beautiful moment as the couple who experienced it first-hand. It is truly remarkable. 

Check out the amazing experience in the video below and be sure to share with your friends! 

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