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Wakeboarder Nearly Takes A Tumble When Surprised By An Unexpected Visitor

A person riding a wakeboard in the water and looking shocked

One wakeboarder caught the most incredible footage of a dolphin leaping out of the water and nearly startling him off his board. If the boaters hadn’t captured this amazing encounter on video, we probably wouldn’t believe them! In the clip, the wakeboarder is minding his own business when a dolphin suddenly jumps into the air right next to him. Thankfully, he was able to maintain his balance on the board despite the surprise!

Although the wakeboarder must have been scared for a moment, getting that close to a dolphin is still quite special. Some commenters thought that the unique incident was pretty funny, too!


Wait for it 😧 @Barstool Outdoors (via:Samhayson/ig)

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“Imagine what was going through the dolphin’s mind,” joked one user.

However, others found the animal encounter way too close for comfort.

“I would instantly start freaking out wanting to get back on the boat,” one person wrote.

Dolphins are beautiful creatures, but we can totally understand not wanting to get up close and personal with one, especially when you’re not expecting it! Of course, the wakeboarder in the clip seemed more shocked and amazed by the dolphin than frightened.

That’s a cool video, but what’s wakeboarding?

Unless you’re well-versed in water sports, there’s probably one question still weighing on your mind. What on earth is wakeboarding? Well, according to Topend Sports, it’s “a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.” Apparently, this activity was once called “skurfing.” We think wakeboarding is a much better name!

Like water skiing, wakeboarding involves being pulled by a boat. However, a wakeboard is more akin to a surfboard or snowboard in shape. It requires a lot of balance, so it’s impressive that the wakeboarder in the video didn’t end up falling when he got startled by the dolphin!

A person riding a wakeboard in the water.
Screengrab from TikTok

This video is a beautiful reminder that, sometimes, the most magical things can happen when you least expect them. Keep an open mind toward new adventures, and who knows what you might experience!

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