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Passerby Spots Exhausted Sheep Struggling In The Water & Comes To The Rescue

A man rescuing a sheep from a body of water.

When this poor sheep tumbled into an irrigation canal, they were in need of a rescue. They couldn’t get out of the water, so they were forced to cling to the edge with all their might in order to avoid being swept away! Thankfully, a couple of kind souls happened to be passing by at that exact moment. This heartwarming sheep rescue was captured on camera.

In the TikTok video, a man climbs down the bank to where the animal is “holding on for dear life.” He grabs the animal by the back and the scruff of the neck, then sets them down on dry land. This sheep was clearly rescued just in time — once they were safe, they plopped onto the grass and wouldn’t budge. The terrifying experience must have really taken it out of them!


Lucky to have spotted the poor wee sheep. Unsure how long it had been holding onto the side! It was absolutely exhausted #animalrescue #happyending #animalsave #sheep #nz

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After allowing the sheep some time to rest, the rescuers returned with sustenance for the weakened critter. Later, the original poster commented on their own video with some good news about the animal!

“Update: I ran down there the following morning, the wee flock of sheep were together further up the canal and all the snacks were gone,” wrote the creator. “All looked happy and content!”

You shouldn’t feed strange sheep, but these rescuers had an expert on hand.

One user, who happened to be a sheep farmer, had a couple concerns about the rescue in the TikTok video.

A man rescuing a sheep from a body of water.
Screengrab from TikTok

“It’s nice that you helped her but remember not to feed animals that aren’t yours. Some foods are toxic to sheep, they don’t have the same digestive.”

However, the TikToker responded that they had double-checked with a vet before feeding the creature anything.

This sheep was awfully lucky that someone was able to rescue them from that dangerous situation. We’re so glad to hear that the animal is doing ok!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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