Waffle House Employees Rally To Get Hardworking Teen To His Graduation Ceremony.

Graduation day is one of the most important milestones in many people’s lives.

It’s the culmination of several years of hard work, and it’s a time to reminisce on the good memories while looking forward to a bright future. Not to mention, it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate a major accomplishment with family and friends.

Timothy Harrison of Center Point, Alabama, was eager to make some money before officially graduating from high school, so he took a job working at his local Waffle House. About a week before his commencement ceremony, Timothy asked his manager for the day off. Cedric Hampton was more than willing to grant the request, instructing his hardworking employee to savor his big day.

Yet on graduation day, Cedric was confused when Timothy showed up for his shift anyway. When he asked the teen why he wasn’t at the ceremony, Timothy explained that he couldn’t get a ride across town and he hadn’t been able to secure tickets for his family to attend.

Cedric wasn’t having any of this! He and the other compassionate employees quickly formed a plan to get Timothy to his graduation no matter what!

The staff made a list of what needed to be done to get Timothy there and divvied it all up. Cedric and two others headed to a clothing store to buy Timothy a sharp new outfit, while another coworker, Shantana Blevins, drove Timothy to the high school to collect his cap and gown.

Once they had gathered what they needed, everyone took turns helping Timothy until he felt like Cinderella heading off to the ball!

Shantana stepped up again to drive Timothy to the ceremony, waiting outside the whole time until he was finished taking pictures and celebrating with his friends. She then drove the teen home and made sure he knew he had the whole night off to enjoy the momentous occasion.

Meanwhile, Cedric said he was happy to help Timothy because he’s a good kid – and because it was the right thing to do!

“He’s a fine young man,” Cedric added. “He’s a hard worker, very polite. It’s the least we could do for him.”

Their wonderful gesture even inspired Lawson State Community College to offer Timothy free tuition and books if he wants to continue his education beyond high school! Kindness truly made an unforgettable impact on this young man’s life.

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