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Wacky Facts About The Human Body That You Never Knew!

wacky facts about humans

The human body is an amazing piece of equipment. There are many wacky facts and wonders about the body that have not been discovered yet. However, the facts that we do know are astonishing. Scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of our existence since time began.

Let’s see some of the weird things they’ve found and look at some of wacky facts about the human body!

1. Our Body Has A Lot Of Bones

The human body has 206 bones! During her stint as Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus sang a song to help her remember all the bones in the body. The catchy tune is an excellent pneumonic tool to learn your bone structure.

2. Your Ears Are Still Growing

As distressing as it may seem, your ears continue growing throughout your life. If you were lucky and got small ears to begin with, they’ll grow, but not be huge. If you were born with large ears, I’m sorry, but they’re only going to get bigger.

Image shows a child's right ear. Wacky fact about ears - they never stop growing.
Image from Flickr.

3. Spitting Is Gross

Spitting might be gross, but it has to go somewhere. Your body can produce up to 40,000 liters of spit during your lifetime. That translates to 10566.882 gallons! And because we will use anything to avoid metric measurements, that equals around 500 bathtubs! Ewwwww.

4. You’re Always Taller In The Morning

Gravity is a funny thing. It is all around us, but we never see it. We can see and sense the results of its actions, though. That’s why your grandparents are shorter now than when you were little. When Sir Isaac Newton sat under the apple tree, he noted gravity and helped explain many things in science. Because of an apple, we understand how planets rotate around in the solar system. We also understand how you can be taller in the morning after lying down and sleeping. Gravity acts on your prone body, causing it to stretch. Once you stand upright for a couple of hours, gravity puts you back in your place.

5. You Need To Exfoliate!

Seriously, your mom was right. Your skin regenerates so much that the entire surface of your body has new skin about once every month! Don’t let that old, dusty skin collect on your sheets! Your body sheds more than 30,000 dead skin cells every MINUTE!

6. You Knew There Had To Be Fart Jokes

Everyone farts, whether they admit it or not. Farting is the body’s way to remove excess air. With that in mind, the next time you have a party, let it get farty! On an average day, your body expels enough gas to fill a balloon!

Image shows four balloon of different colors to promote the wacky fact that humans fart enough to fill a balloon every day!
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

7. Goose Bumps Are An Ancient Defense Mechanism

You get “goose bumps” when you are scared or when you feel a chill. Your body is a fine-tuned bundle of nerve cells connected to your brain. When humans had more hair, The hair would stand up as a response to fright or to provide extra warmth during chill periods. Now that we don’t have as much hair, our bodies still have the same response, but instead, our skin takes on the appearance of a plucked goose. And now you know why piloerections are more commonly known as goose bumps!

8. Scientists Are Clueless About That Thing In The Back Of Your Throat

It has a name: the uvula. Humans are one of the only species to have it. It mostly hangs out at the back of your throat, doing nothing. The uvula is responsible for causing the gag reflex, so it might be a special gatekeeper for your throat. It allows us to gargle, which mouthwash companies have capitalized on. There is some speculation that it aids in our ability to speak. But it just hangs there, doing its own little thing. Whatever that is.

Image shows a labeled diagram of the human mouth.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

9. “Old People Smell” Is Real (Come Yankee Candle, Let’s See It!)

They aren’t sure what causes it, but old people have a unique odor. There is some speculation that our blood changes as we age, causing our bodies to emit a specific odor as we age.

10. Human Fireflies? No Way!

Yes, humans emit light in much the same way as fireflies do. The light is only visible with ultrasensitive cameras. It is most noticeable around the face and neck area. Chemical reactions in our bodies cause the glow. When you see someone extremely happy, and you say they are glowing? They might actually BE glowing!

How many of these wacky facts about the human body did you already know? Little-known facts about our bodies can be conversation starters. Depending on the fact, they can also be conversation-enders. Choose wisely!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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