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Little Girls Can’t Be Spider-Man? Heroic Kid Rejects Pushback On Her Halloween Costume.

Close up of a little girl flexing her "muscles" while wearing a Spider-Man costume. She's looking at herself in a mirror.

There’s lots to love about Halloween, but my favorite part has always been the costumes. For one night, everyone is encouraged to dress up in creative ways, and it’s so fun to see what people choose to be. Unfortunately, sometimes folks can be judgmental about the choices others make — but that didn’t stop little Evy from having a great time! Her Mom, Tara, had her retell the story as she put her hair into braids.

That day, presumably at school, some other kids told Evy that she couldn’t be Spider-Man for Halloween because “Spider-Man’s for boys.” Recognizing that this isn’t true at all, Evy boldly corrected them in a truly heroic fashion.

Close up of a little girl named Evy putting her hands together as she smiles looking at herself in the mirror dressed as Spider-Man for Halloween.

“Spider-Man’s not for boys,” Evy said proudly. “Spider-Man’s for everyone!”

Tara had Evy say a few words of affirmations as she finished up her hair. The results? Perfect!

“Hype my Spider-Girl up in the comments and I’ll read them to her,” Tara wrote on TikTok. “Costumes are for EVERYONE. Stop teaching your kids they’re gender specific and let them like that they like!”

Watch the heroic Evy confidently share that Spider-Man is for everyone, not just boys, in the video below.

@tara.and.evy Hype my spidergirl up in the comments & ill read them to her🥹❤️costumes are for EVERYONE stop teaching your kids that theyre gender specific & let them like what they like! #halloween #halloween2023 #costumes #kidscostumes #selfconfidence #selfesteem ♬ original sound – Tara & Evy

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