Never Too Late: 78-Yr-Old Walks Across The Stage To Earn Her Bachelor’s Degree.

On May 8, Vivian Cunningham achieved a goal she first set for herself decades ago.

At 78, Vivian just earned her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama! Walking the graduation stage was an achievement she wasn’t sure would ever happen, but she never stopped hoping.

As a child, Vivian learned how to sew from her grandmother and great-grandmother. She always assumed she would grow up to be a seamstress, but after becoming a single parent to two children, she had to find a job that provided more financial support. She turned to the Alabama Power Company to become a night shift custodian in the late 1960s.

“It was tough for her, but us being young, we didn’t really know,” her son Donald said. “She was taking care of her family, working at night at the power company, and couldn’t find babysitters to keep us, so I had to grow up and be a man before time, take care of my sister.”

Vivian later went on to run the company’s mail room. When she found out that her employer offered tuition reimbursement, she leapt at the chance to take college classes at various community colleges in Birmingham.

After retiring in 1992, she kept up with her classes and earned an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from Virginia College. Still, she craved more education. It took another six years for her to finish her bachelor’s degree.

“There were some times I wanted to give up,” she admitted. But whenever she would think, “I’m not going back, I’m just tired,” she would tell herself, “Go on back to school, just keep on going.”

On Vivian’s graduation day, her whole family gathered to celebrate her accomplishment. She’s a great-grandmother herself now, and she hopes her hard work and dedication will encourage others to follow their dreams.

“Believe in yourself, because you can do it,” she said. “Keep God in the plan and you’ll make it. Don’t let anybody discourage you.”

It’s never too late to complete your goals – and set new ones! As for what’s next, Vivian said, “I might go for the master’s degree. But I have to rest for a while.”

We don’t blame her one bit! Watch Vivian graduate in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend.

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