Viewers Go Ga-Ga Over Weather Segment Featuring Meteorologist Mom’s New Baby.

One of the main takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of having flexibility in the workplace.

With many schools and places of employment going remote, working parents have struggled, or continue to struggle, to keep all of their responsibilities in line. That includes Rebecca Schuld, a new mom who works as a television meteorologist. Once her maternity leave ended, she started giving her nightly broadcasts from a makeshift studio set up in her basement.

closeup of meteorologist rebecca schuld laying in a hospital bed. she has her eyes closed and is holding her baby, fiona, close to her chest.

Rebecca, who says she's been working on "20 hours of sleep over the past 3 months," admits that finding a work-life balance can be a lot. Still, she loves and appreciates working from home, especially since it can lead to unforgettable moments on air, including ones with her daughter!

One day, as Rebecca was snuggling 13-week-old Fiona to her chest, she was needed for a mic check. Not thinking much of it, she walked in front of the camera to do just that. When her producer, Nick, saw the adorable infant, he suggested that Rebecca carry her right on screen during the live report — so she did!

Holding the baby girl on one hip, Rebecca described the subzero temperatures that would soon be upon her viewers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, noting that Fiona had on her warmest blankie for the weather event. Adorably, she swipes at the infant's wispy hair at one point, joking, "And you'll just have to excuse her bedhead. She just got up from a nap."

meteorologist rebecca schuld smiling as she holds her 13-week-old baby, fiona, while giving the weather report for milwaukee, wisconsin.

Rebecca's viewers fell head-over-heels in love with little Fiona! The meteorologist's email box quickly filled up with fan mail, and many working parents praised her for gracefully blending her professional life with her personal life. As a working mom, she understands why people were so gratified to see her pulling it off.

"Last week baby Fiona made her tv debut and people, fans and networks have been eating it up!" she wrote on Facebook. "I didn’t realize the magnitude this move would have, but honored to shine on what so many of us are doing these days to get maintain work life balance."

rebecca schuld smiling as she holds her daughter and takes a selfie in front of a green screen.

We could totally get used to seeing this little cutie on TV every night, couldn't you? Rebecca hopes showing Fiona off on-air encourages other young women to pursue a career in science and STEM fields, too! In today's world, we really can have it all.

Watch the video below to see Rebecca and her helper in action, and don't forget to share.
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