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15 Parenting Memes That Perfectly Capture The Chaos Of Life With Kids

There’s no doubt that becoming a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences ever, but the bloom tends to fall from the rose somewhere along the line!

It starts with late night wake-up calls, feeding challenges, and endless diaper changes followed by the rigors of toddlerhood, adolescence, and the dreaded… teen years. But it never actually ends, even when our children are grown up and have kids of their own! Parenting is a long journey full of major ups and downs, so finding a way to laugh at the experience makes things a whole lot more fun. That’s where memes come in!

1. Let’s see how long that optimistic idea lasts… Oh, it’s over.

2. Okay, now give us a tough question.

3. We could wallpaper a room with our grocery store receipts. Maybe that’s why we’re always broke?

4. But we’re sure that your boo boo hurts too, honey.

5. All kids know (and fear) “the look.”

6. It’s definitely an exhausting activity, so we think she’s onto something.

7. When did we start aging in dog years?

8. Take it from us: More isn’t always merrier.

9. Somebody, please make it stop!

10. On second thought, you look great.

11. There aren’t enough mini bags of Goldfish crackers in the world to make a long family road trip tolerable.

12. Are their mouths ever actually empty?

13. The wall is probably more interested than the kids.

14. Every. Single. Day.

15. Thanks, but no thanks.

Parents, doesn’t it feel good to be “seen?” The people who created these memes really get what it means to be in the throes of raising children. It’s wonderful to take a mental health break and remember that we’re not alone!

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