Dad Working From Home Has Hilarious Interactions With Dog “Bosses.”

With so many people working from home because of COVID-19, the Internet is quickly discovering the joys and pitfalls that come with nonstop access to our pets.

After all, while there’s nothing like having a furry lap warmer during a conference call, animals can be a little distracting. Victoria Madore of California recently shared a series of images on Facebook that may look familiar to many remote employees, and we just can’t stop laughing.


After she posted on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page, her story quickly went viral. She explained that her dad recently began working from home, and he’s adjusting to sharing constant space with the family’s two dogs, Emmy and Cotton.

In order to “keep the sanity,” he’s been making office-themed memes involving himself and his new “bosses.” That’s right. The dogs!


As a coworker, Cotton turned out to be a bit on the clingy side. We can’t really blame the pup for wanting to stay close to his dad.


Emmy, on the other hand, is one tough cookie! She makes Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada” look like a dream.


We didn’t see this one coming! Cotton and Emmy have really turned the tables on their dad.


We love that Emmy has her own mug! She really knows how to make the most of staying home.


After the first set of hilarious photos gained so much attention, Victoria came through with another picture from her dad’s series. It was definitely worth the wait!


It’s tough to change our habits on a dime, but a sense of humor goes a long way! Kudos to Victoria’s dad for incorporating a little fun into his work day.

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