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Creative Dog Dad Transforms Yard Into Winter Wonderland For His 3 Pups.

When it’s cold in Winnipeg, Canada, snow is just a normal part of life.

Brian Einarson is a truck driver who loves coming home to his three small dogs, Loki, Sadie, and Tino. Each winter, the snow gets so deep in his backyard that his pups can hardly navigate outside, so their dad came up with a brilliant solution!


Besides keeping them from exercising, the piles of snow made it difficult for Brian to clean up their waste. Instead of waiting for warmer weather to address the mess, Brian grabbed a snowblower and shovel and created a series of paths for the pups to use.

Somewhere along the line, he decided to take his plan one step further. With a little extra work, he transformed the simple walkways into tunnels! Then he started hiding treats inside to give his pets a fun adventure and really make his yard a snowy playground.


“They watch from the window as I put treats all over the place,” Brian said. “As soon as they see me come and open the door, it’s a mad dash for each dog to get as many treats as they can. They run by and grab them and keep running.”


Brian has a special method for creating safe, fun tunnels for his pets. He’s even enlisted some neighborhood children to help him with the heavy lifting. Sounds like a pretty great job to us!

“You make a pile of snow, and you let that sit for a week or two,” he explained. “Then you can start digging holes in the piles, and what you dig out you put on top. Each hole took about ten minutes to make, so with three of them it took 20 hours to do it after school.”

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Facebook page Brian made to show off his adorable “snow dogs.”


What a fun project! These are some lucky pups!

Watch the dogs enjoying their snow palace in the recent video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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