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Very Guilty Dog Leans Over Gate, Begs For Forgiveness In Adorably Unique Way.

There’s nothing quite as funny as a guilty dog. It’s amazing to me that our furry friends are smart enough to know when they’ve done wrong. We’ve seen guilty pups totally avoid the situation in a corner somewhere and even a pup narc on his best friend… it just doesn’t get any better. Or so we thought.

In the video below, a young man sits behind a doggy gate giving his very guilty pup a piece of his mind. The little one knows he’s done something very wrong and isn’t trying to hide it. Dogs may not be able to speak, but his body language is loud and clear.

He’s just soooooo sorry!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.03.33 AM

A little digging revealed that the man in the video, from Portugal, rescued each and every one of these pups from the street. It’s no wonder the pup in trouble seems so anxious to be forgiven. Apparently the pup got in a little scuffle over food with the other dogs and needed to be taught a little lesson in patience.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.15.32 AM

But the pup did eventually get the absolution he was so desperately seeking. He just loves papa so much. Check out the adorable scene in the video below. Share and spread a smile!


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