Utah Jazz Dancer Gets Confused By Sudden Routine Change… Until Her Boyfriend Walks Onto The Court!

A Utah Jazz Dancer got confused during the choreography until she realized it was a proposal!

A Utah Jazz Dancer knew something was up when her fellow performers changed the routine on her, but she wasn’t expecting a proposal! She was understandably thrown for a loop during an NBA game when the rest of the team suddenly started dancing to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. However, after a few moments of fumbling, she realized what was going on. It was the line, “I think I wanna marry you,” that tipped her off!

As soon as the surprised performer turned around, she saw her boyfriend getting down on one knee. This creative proposal definitely swept the Utah Jazz Dancer off her feet. Obviously, her answer was yes! Everyone cheered as the engaged couple joyfully hugged each other on the court.


Never forget when this Utah Jazz dancer noticed the routine was changed and was caught off guard with a special surprise 🥲❤️ With @NBA #fyp #foryou #nba #proposal #engaged #engagement #wedding

♬ original sound – GLOSS

A video of this incredible moment has been going viral on social media. Commenters were not only impressed by the heartwarming proposal, but also by the dedication of the other Utah Jazz Dancers.

“No but think of the COMMITMENT these people memorized one extra choreography, one to practice with her and one for the surprise,” wrote one user. “I aspire to have this kind of people around me.”

A Utah Jazz Dancer got confused during the choreography until she realized it was a proposal!
Screengrab from TikTok

This Utah Jazz Dancer must have felt so special during her boyfriend’s clever proposal! It’s amazing to see the thought and effort that some people put into popping the question.

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