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“A Special Report?” Puzzled News Anchor In Tears Over Her Boyfriend’s Clever Proposal.

Cornelia Nicholson, a weekend reporter, smiles and looks down shyly as she sits at her desk. Across from her on one knee is her boyfriend and reporter, Riley Nagel. He's smiling as he holds out a bouquet of flowers and a small box containing an engagement ring.

You never know where you’ll find the love of your life. For Cornelia Nicholson and Riley Nagel, it was their careers in journalism that brought them together. They started off working in Billings, Montana but have since gone on to work at two different stations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But with the help of friends and co-workers, Riley was able to pull off the perfect proposal right at Cornelia’s place of work.

The WRCB weekend anchor thought she was doing a cold read for a promo video. In reality, though, she was reading the report on her own engagement. The moment Cornelia realized the story she was reading was about them she began to laugh, and a photo of the them appeared on the screen behind her.

“And coming up right now we have the story of two young journalists who… just so happened to find love in the same industry,” Cornelia read. “… Riley Nagel joins us in the studio with a special report?”

Watch Cornelia and Riley’s perfect proposal in the video below.

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