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Usher Teaches James Corden How To ‘Have Swag’ In Hilariously Epic Carpool Karaoke.

Anyone who lived through the early 2000s is familiar with Grammy Award-winner Usher. He’s famous for hits like “OMG,” “Yeah!” and “My Boo,” but lately, we haven’t heard much from the singer, songwriter.

Usher has largely flown under the radar in the past few years, focusing on his family and other career opportunities. (You know Justin Beiber? Yeah, Usher discovered him.) But that doesn’t mean he’s lost any of his musical talent. When James Corden invited him on Carpool Karaoke, we saw firsthand that Usher still has swag for days.


As soon as Usher hops in James’s car, he throws on “Yeah!” and the two bust out in song. It’s clear that Usher lives for performing. But soon, the conversation turns to how cool Usher is – and decidedly uncool James is.

In an effort to remedy this sad situation, the two pull over and Usher offers to school James on the art of entering a club.


James makes an attempt at an entrance, but then his jazz hands keep taking over, so Usher gives up.


When they’re back in the car, as the two are driving along, Usher says they may be near his Hollywood star. So they get out to look at it, only to see it dirty and smudged.

“I just find it odd… you work all of these years as hard as you can only to have people walk over you as a star.” So how to remedy the situation you might ask? Scrub the star clean on your hands and knees of course!


But one the most ridiculous parts of the video is when Usher talks about his constant battle to stay healthy: “I like beef and I like chicken… but I’m a vegan.”

James gives him a look and let’s him know what we are all thinking: “Okay, just so you know, that means you’re not a vegan.”

Watch the video below. Share their hilarious antics today.

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