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Husband Refuses To Buy His Wife A Birthday Card, Then Uses Drone To Reveal Why.

For many people, birthdays are a dime a dozen – they come and go, and we celebrate them like they are guaranteed. But they aren’t, and many forget that. David McNab never does.

When his wife Kristy’s 51st birthday rolled around, he decided to something super special for it. David recognizes that no birthday should be overlooked or ignored – he cherishes them all with his beautiful wife. But there’s a very specific reason for this mentality.

David starts the video by saying that he’s not going to buy Kristy a birthday card.

“I know, some of you might say that makes me one of those bad husbands…”

David McNab

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. David worships his wife; “Kristy’s smart – brilliant actually. I still question how I ended up with her,” he jokes. He goes on, “Kristy has a fan club, and I like to think of myself as the president.”

David McNab

While David sings his wife’s praises (and there are many, many praises), the video cuts to show him walking around in the snow, forming letters with his footprints.

David McNab

But soon, David’s story takes a slightly sad turn, “We almost lost her during childbirth […] she pulled through that, she’s tough like that.” That alone could make someone cherish every birthday with a loved one, but David continues.

“Kristy’s as brave as they get, too. About 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. That’s when we planned the trip to Costa Rica – she showed me what living was all about.”

David McNab

Finally, David reveals why he couldn’t get her any old drugstore birthday card, “We’re so lucky to have her. Every year with Kristy is like a gift. No card from a store could be big enough to put that into words.”

We can all learn a lesson from David’s devotion to his wife. No birthday is a given and each day should be lived to the fullest.

Watch the video below to see what true love really looks like. You don’t want to miss how David actually wishes his wife a happy birthday.

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