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UPS Drivers Become BFFs With Local Dogs And They’re Taking Cute To A Whole New Level.

It is a well-known stereotype that dogs hate mail and newspaper delivery people. Apparently, this doesn’t extend to UPS delivery drivers!

We’re not quite sure what the company is doing differently, but their employees appear to have such a good relationship with the dogs they meet on the job that they started a Facebook page to share pictures of their new canine friends. We’ve chosen some of our favorite pictures for you to enjoy!

1. “This lucky little gal is a 4 week old Belgian. Her name is Whisky! I’ve had more than a couple interactions with her little cuddly fluff. She is getting ready to be my seasonal helper next year!”

2. We’d be throwing up a peace sign, too, if we got to hang out with these two cuties!

3. Is it just us, or do these three have the same smile?

4. “My girl, Scout, loves our UPS driver.”

5. Little Ally looks like she gives VERY good snuggles!

6. “My dog, Odin, loves our UPS driver. He thinks UPS stands for unlimited pieces of snacks.”

7. Brady the Boston terrier looks like he wants to go exploring.

8. Honestly this picture would make such a good meme.

9. “My husband, Charlie, giving a special treat (to) one of his special customers on their birthday!”

10. This polite pup remembers to shake hands before receiving a treat.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: What would we do without dogs?

These UPS drivers seem very dedicated to their jobs, delivering both our packages and overwhelming cuteness in the form of puppy pictures. We hope, for their sake and ours, that they keep meeting adorable pets along their delivery routes.

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