These Delightfully Spoiled Pups Have Their Own Adorable Mansion.

We all know dogs deserve to be spoiled, but for most of us, that means an extra-cushy dog bed or a particularly juicy toy. This family goes way above and beyond that!

Their golden retrievers have their own dog house – or perhaps it would be more accurate to refer to it as a dog mansion. Complete with two floors and windows, this house offers these beloved pups comfort most animals can only dream of.

1. This takes being “in the dog house” to a whole other level.

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2. These sweet golden retrievers live in the lap of luxury. And they deserve it.

3. The pups even have their own furniture!

4. Oh, did we forget to mention? There are two of them!

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5. They even have a slide! How fun is that!


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That’s it, we’re packing our bags and moving in with them! All jokes aside, these two fluffy friends are adorable, and we’re sure they earn every bit of their lavish treatment just by existing.

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