UPS Driver Goes Above And Beyond to Hide Birthday Present From Fiancé.

Security footage of a UPS delivery driver opening the door.

A woman on TikTok just demonstrated one of the perks of being on a first-name basis with your delivery driver. When Hannah Pierce ordered a special birthday gift for her fiancé, she wasn’t expecting the package to arrive while she was at work. Thankfully, she was able to communciate with the UPS driver through her doorbell camera before her partner answered the door. Rick’s quick thinking saved the surprise! As you’ll see in the video, the UPS driver cleverly hides the present to save the day!


“I don’t have a delivery, I’ve got the wrong house,” the delivery man lied.

Security footage of a UPS delivery driver opening the door, and the woman instructing him to hide the present
Screengrab from Hannah Pierce/TikTok

Once Hannah’s fiancé goes back inside, the driver hides the package in a safe location outside their home. Since the interaction took place on the front porch, it was all caught on the doorbell security camera. TikTok users loved the hilarious footage of Rick’s smooth fib!

“He is a national treasure,” one commenter wrote.

Delivery drivers work incredibly hard and can have grueling hours. It’s always touching to see how willing they are to go above and beyond for their customers. When this UPS driver hides a present for this woman, it’s just another heartwarming example. Watch the video below to see this clever delivery driver save the day!


please enjoy my interaction with the best UPS Driver ***back story: I had a birthday gift delivered for my fiancé and i knew that the packaging was obvious & would give it away; so this is what my delivery driver did… he lied & all for me 🤣😅💃🤷🏼‍♀️🥳😂😭

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