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Unique Gravestone Accessory Allows Families To Share Cherished Memories Of Loved Ones.

A QR code on a gravestone from Last Memory.

Thanks to a company called Last Memory, grieving families have a unique new way to honor the lives of their loved ones on their graves. While a headstone allows us to engrave a few words about the departed, that’s not enough to express just how much someone meant to us. So, Last Memory came up with a solution: the Digital Memory Medallion! Now, the internet has one question: why aren’t we all using it?

The concept behind the Digital Memory Medallion is simple. It’s a small, weather-resistant plaque with a QR code that you can easily attach to a gravestone. Friends and family members can upload their favorite digital moments to their online account, along with a biography, obituary, and more. Then, whenever someone scans the QR code with their device, Last Memory will show them meaningful photos and videos of the deceased person’s life.

“This is the most thoughtful invention of the century,” wrote one commenter on TikTok.

Another said, “This is incredible! I would spend hours walking through and seeing people’s special moments.”

A QR code on a gravestone from Last Memory.
Screengrab from TikTok

It’s devastating to lose a loved one, but anything we can do to keep their memory alive helps. We hope that Last Memory offers solace to grieving friends and family members!

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