Joe Montana Shares The Silly Story Of How He Began Calling His Wife From The Stadium Landline During NFL Games.

Joe Montana tells the story of how he used to call his wife from every stadium.

NFL legend Joe Montana may have scored a lot of points for his team, but one of his gameday rituals scored even more points with his wife! The former quarterback shared a hilarious story about how he started phoning his partner from the sidelines of the stadium just to say, “I love you.” While it initially began as a joke, the athlete started making the same call whenever he had a free moment during later games. We think this couple’s little tradition is too cute!

Apparently, it all started with a moment of curiosity while the quarterback was waiting to get back into the game. While on the sidelines, he decided to find out if the provided phones would support outside calls. Whiskey Riff tells us that those lines were usually reserved for emergencies or to speak with colleagues elsewhere in the stadium. However, Joe Montana wanted to see what would happen if he called his wife.

When he got through, Jennifer Montana was perplexed to hear her husband’s voice on the other line. He adorably told her that he was just calling to tell her he loved her. From then on, Joe Montana started calling his wife from every stadium.

Joe Montana tells the story of how he used to call his wife from every stadium.
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One commenter noted that this story should motivate men everywhere to step it up!

“If Joe Montana can call from a stadium sideline phone in the middle of a full blown game, you can text back,” they wrote.

What a sweet way for this pro athlete to let his partner know he was thinking of her! Joe Montana seems to genuinely adore his wife. We love to see a doting husband!

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