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Trying Cow Cuddle Therapy For The First Time — The Results Are Too Cute!

A woman smiles as she cuddles with a cow.

Cow cuddle therapy is the mental health treatment you never knew you needed! In an adorable Instagram video, one woman demonstrates how she experienced the best remedy for only $20. First, she showed the sign advertising this unusual service. It simply read “Cow Cuddle Therapy” with an arrow pointing out the way. Next, she shared the footage of the actual therapy. It’s too sweet for words!

As you may have guessed, cow cuddle therapy is exactly what it sounds like. In her video, the woman is sitting peacefully next to a cow, who has their head in her lap. She looks absolutely blissful as she pets the animal. It looks like the cow is enjoying the attention, too!

This beautiful clip has gone viral online. Commenters were eager to try this unique service themselves!

“I need this,” wrote one user. “I need to hug a cow. (My cats are far less empathetic.)”

Another added, “I need this so badly rn…”

A woman smiles as she cuddles with a cow.
Screengrab from Instagram

Who knew that the best cure for stress would be snuggling with one of these large livestock animals? Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to find out where we can get some cow cuddle therapy immediately!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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