Boy Bullied For “Looking Like A Girl,” Refuses To Cut Hair In Order To Keep 2 Yr Commitment.

boy with long hair

Like the little girl we told you about who freaked out when she received a bald American Girl Doll for Christmas, 12-year-old Gabby Ruiz has Alopecia areata. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease which causes hair loss; Gabby was diagnosed when she was just 4 years old. But luckily for her, Gabby has a best friend named Tyler, and he just gave her a very special gift.


Tyler Boone, age 10, is best friends with Gabby. Like the 7-year-old who grew out his hair to donate to children with cancer, Tyler decided he’d donate his locks. He spent 2 years growing out his hair to make a wig for Gabby.


The best friends live hundreds of miles apart– Gabby is from Florida and Tyler is from Georgia– but the two of them and their families came together for the very special haircut. First the duo enjoyed a photo shoot together, holding a tape measure up to Tyler’s head, showing off how much hair he’d grown for his friend. Then Gabby herself had the honor of cutting off Tyler’s 12-inch ponytail.


Tyler said, because of his hair, people often mistook him for a girl and even teased him for it. “I’ve kinda gotten used to it,” he says with a shrug. He says he didn’t mind the teasing… it was all worth it in the end.

“I’m cutting my hair so I can give it to Gabby,” said the little boy, exchanging smiles with his friend, “I just want to make her happy.”


Although the friends still live miles apart, Gabby’s new wig– and Tyler’s selfless gift– have firmly cemented their friendship in one another’s hearts.

Watch the video below for more and share this sweet friendship today!

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