Itty-Bitty Hockey Player Stops Mid-Game To Help Opponent Who Fell On The Ice.

tyke hockey

All most parents want for their children is to become happy, decent individuals who care about others.

That’s why for Canadian dad Mike Zegil, one of his proudest moments as a father came during a tyke hockey game in 2014. His then 4-year-old daughter, Amara, was the smallest player on the Gore Bay Tyke hockey team — with the biggest heart.

Amara and her teammates were playing in their home arena on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, when one of their opponents from Manitowaning slipped and fell on the ice. Coincidentally, both Amara and the girl, 3-year-old Arabella, wear the number 12.

tyke hockey fall

None of the players stopped to help Arabella. They skated right past her. But then, while recording the game, Mike noticed his daughter approaching the fallen girl.

tyke hockey fall

Amara offered a hand to Arabella. The little girl took it, and Amara pulled her up, holding her steady until Arabella regained her balance. Touched, Mike uploaded the footage to YouTube, where the adorable display of sportsmanship went viral. Many commented to say it was the cutest and sweetest thing they’d ever seen. We can’t disagree.

amara helps arabella

And Amara didn’t just earn her dad’s praise for the gesture. She was honored by the entire team. But Mike says he can’t take full credit for his daughter’s kindness — her coaches played a big role as well.

“My daughter was awarded her team’s player of the game because of what happened in the video,” Mike wrote. “I would like to thank her coaches, Clayton Best, Darren Nodecker, Chad Chevrette, and Shane Ingram, for helping instill these kinds of values into these young players.”

holding hands

When it comes to helping others, we have a lot to learn from children, don’t you think?

See for yourself why Mike says he loves tyke hockey in the video below, and share with others to make them smile.

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