“Trying To Cheer Up My Sad Wife With Some Cows.” Spoiler: It Worked!

A woman stares in shock at something we can't see in the image. Her mouth is wide open and she looks on the verge of tears. Text on the image reads: *2 minutes later*

When you’re having a tough day, what are your go-to’s for cheering up? For me, it’s listening to music or drawing. But after seeing this video from Cam and Mal, I might need to add “visiting cows” to my list. In the video, Mal is visibly upset with tears in her eyes. Although we don’t know the reason, what we do know is that her husband has the best solution.

Cam introduces his idea to Mal by asking if she wants to pet some of the cows out in the nearby field. Ultimately, she wasn’t able to get close enough to them for much-deserved pets. But that’s okay because simply being near them starts to lift her spirits — then something magical happens.

A young woman covers her mouth and nose with her hands, tears welling in her eyes, as she looks over at something we can't see in the photo.

One by one, the numerous cows begin to walk toward Mal who, by the end of the video, can’t get over the attention they’re giving her. At that moment, it was like they knew she was upset and wanted to visit so she’d feel better.

“Betty, do you want to go look at the humans?” TikTok user JRod wrote from the perspective of one of the cows. “There’s some over there, will that make you feel better?”

Watch the video below to see this sweet husband help his sad wife feel better by taking her to see cows.

@cam.and.mal Mal really needed those cows in that moment 🥹 #camandmal #wife #relationship #couplegoals #relationshipgoals ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som

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