This “Moose On The Loose” In Minnesota Has His Own Fan Club.

rutt the moose in a yard

Rutt the moose, known as the “Moose on the Loose,” has garnered attention for his trek around the United States. His fan club consists of over 37,000 groupies!


Lovers of Rutt have taken to Facebook to track his journey from South Dakota to Minnesota. He’s a Minnesotan moose with a passion for exploration, clearly!

This image is from Facebook.

Group members who have spotted Rutt will snap a photo and post it to the Facebook Group, tracking his movements to make sure he makes it back to Minnesota safely.

It’s an incredible display of community support and animal love!

He’s crossing highways and stomping across front yards at an incredible pace!

This image is from Facebook.

Rutt’s journey has become a global phenomenon. According to one poster, he’s even made the news in New Zealand!

Rutt the Moose is an incredible example of the way that communities can come together. The digital community hosts people from all over the world who are concerned with Rutt’s safety and excited to see his path home.

Join the group here and follow Rutt the Moose’s adventure!

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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