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Rescued Greyhound Shows Off How Much He Loves New Forever Home With Zoomies.

This may sound strange, but breaking his leg changed Blue the greyhound’s life for the better.

The pup was bred to run the racetracks in Victoria, Australia, a lifestyle that is incredibly hard on animals. He was so fast that they expected him to be the next big thing, but after he was injured, he suddenly found himself out of a job. Nobody wanted him – until a woman named Kimberley decided to bring him home!


When Kimberley first took him in, she was shocked by how large he is. “What have I done?” she wondered as Blue nervously wandered around.

As a racing dog, he was never trained to be an inside pet, so he had to learn manners from scratch. It took a long time for him to warm up to his new human companion, but they kept making progress and getting to know each other. Kimberley soon came to realize that greyhounds have big personalities, and Blue is no exception.

He excels at communicating his thoughts and desires using his expressive face and whine. After lots of love, treats, and patience, the day finally arrived when Blue felt comfortable enough to really be himself!


“One day he just started zooming around the house,” Kimberley explained. “I think that was the moment when I was like, ‘I think you’re going to be pretty happy here.'”

She has managed to grab her camera and capture some of the times Blue has gone full “zoomie,” and it’s adorable! We can see how fast he must have been on the track as he zips from room to room, bounding onto the sofa and begging his mom to play with him.

These were pivotal developments in their relationship! Kimberley was suddenly certain they were meant to be! “They imprint so quickly, and you become theirs so quickly,” she said. “And once that happens, once they know that they’re safe, it’s just the most magical thing to see them grow.”


These two may have gotten off to a bumpy start, but now Blue is an irreplaceable family member that makes everyone laugh. He even has a new job as an ambassador for his breed. He and Kimberley are hoping to encourage pet adoption and ban greyhound racing in Australia!

Watch Blue live his best life in the video below, and be sure to share this story.

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