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“Toymaker” Manipulates Real-Life “Doll” In Mind-Bending Dance Performance.

toymaker dancer

While “The Nutcracker” is always a great holiday classic to watch year after year, there’s nothing quite like seeing a new kind of dance performance for the very first time.

Of course, you might not want to stray too far from the theme in your favorite Christmas ballet, so we have just the solution for you… a modern twist on dancing toys! Enter┬ádancers B-dash and Jaja Vankova.

toymaker reveals doll

Their unique collaboration had jaws dropping at the 2017 World of Dance held in Boston, Massachusetts.

The duo’s performance began with “toymaker” B-dash walking out onstage to examine his newest creation.

doll like dance

Soon, B-Dash reveals Jaja, who is dressed and painted up to resemble a life-sized doll.

Standing completely still on the twirling platform, Jaja bears a remarkable resemblance to a toy… but when she starts to dance, she proceeds to blow the audience away.

crazy popping moves

With movements flawlessly synchronized to the beat, B-dash and Jaja take their popping and locking to the next level. Their dance, particularly Jaja’s, is so amazing that, at times, it seems inhuman.

There are actual moments during this brilliantly choreographed routine where you might ask if you’re watching human dancers or robots… it’s that unbelievable!

incredible doll and toymaker dance

The dance seems to end as a reversal to how it began. Initially, it’s the toymaker dictating the movements of the doll, but by the end, we’re left to question which dancer is the doll and which is the toymaker.

end of dance

To check out B-Dash and Jaja’s show-stopping performance, click on the video below. Don’t forget to share this story to spread their incredible talents!

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