He takes off prosthetic leg before obstacle course, crowd tears up from what happens next.

In the early 2000’s, Zach Gowen rose to WWE superstardom proving fearless against every opponent in his path. But Gowen isn’t your traditional World Wrestling Entertainment athlete.

When the wrestler was 8-years-old an aggressive form of cancer forced doctors to amputate his left leg. Gowan grew up a huge fan of the WWE and after beating cancer his love for the spot grew all the more. While training for his first professional bout in 2002, the incredible athlete decided to wrestle without his prosthetic leg.

The very next year, Gowan grew to stardom under the moniker Tenacious Z… but after watching the video below, “tenacious” seems too weak a word to describe him.

On Monday, the one-legged cancer survivor did something on American Ninja Warrior you have to see to believe. If you’re not familiar with the show, American Ninja Warrior is an agility and obstacle based competition that would challenge the most prolific athlete.

But Gowan was determined to make his mark on the competition.

The next 3 minutes of athletic spectacle had everyone in the crowd on the edge of their seat, but mostly on their feet… and even in tears! The smile on his face and response from the crowd will totally a make your day.

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