Basset Hound Gets In Rousing Argument With A Hair Clip.

A basset hound is afraid of his owner's hair clip.

In a skirmish between a basset hound and a hair clip, who do you think would win? This pooch put up a pretty good fight when his owner started teasing him with the plastic accessory! Franklin, affectionately nicknamed “Frank the Tank,” had no idea that the claw clip was harmless. All he knew was that it was snapping open and shut in front of him like a mouth with long, sharp teeth! So, he did his best to defend himself by barking at the object.


“Not a fan of the claw clips,” joked Franklin’s owner in the caption of their TikTok video.

Usually, Franklin the basset hound is the sweetheart when he’s not being attacked by hair clips. In fact, his family has shared some pretty adorable videos on social media that show what a good boy he is! This cuddly little guy loves toys, treats, and hanging out in the backyard. He’s got such a sunny attitude, his tail never stops wagging!

Watch the video below to see some hilarious footage of Frank the Tank’s happy tail.

Of course, not all dogs are as well behaved as Franklin. Here are some hilarious pooches who got into so much trouble, their owners felt the need to shame them online!

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