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Touching Moment: Mother Teaches Her Deaf Daughter How To Tell When Baby Brother Wakes From A Nap.

Deaf Daughter

Mother Christina Pax shared the moment her deaf daughter learned how to help take care of her baby brother, and it’s priceless.

Mom influencer Christina Pax has been giving her 200K TikTok followers an inside look at her life as she raises her toddler daughter, Riley, and infant son, Leon. Riley is an extremely capable and smart little girl who has learned how to sign, read lips, and talk. And when Leon was born, Christina began teaching Riley how to also be a helpful big sister.

Babies, of course, often communicate through crying, and it’s sometimes their only way to let their family know they’re not okay. So Christina knew it was important that Riley was aware when her little brother needed help. Since her deaf daughter couldn’t hear when Leon was in tears, she showed her how to see it.

showing deaf daughter a baby monitor

When the little guy woke up from a nap one day, Christina gave Riley the baby monitor and pointed out that it lights up when her brother cries. Riley intently watched her mother explain how the device worked, and she immediately understood the situation. Once it sunk in that she could help watch over Leon, her eyes lit up with pride.

“I see that. I see that,” Riley cheered as she looked at the monitor.

Watch the sweet mother-daughter interaction below.


Don’t worry we went and got Leon right after this!! 🤟🏼

♬ A Gentle Sunlight – James Quinn

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