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“Too Affectionate?” Never! Shelter Helps Friendly Cat Find Purrfect Family To Love.

Jerry and the shelter sign saying he's too affectionate

Cat owners typically understand that being shown love and attention by your cat is a special priviledge.

Cats are known for being a tad more aloof than, say, dogs, which is totally part of their charm. They may be choosy with their affection, but being loved by a feline friend is so rewarding. Apparently, not everybody feels that way, however. Take it from Jerry, a black and white kitty who was surrendered to a shelter for being “too affectionate.”

Say what?! Staff members at the Humane Society of Broward County in Florida were astounded when they learned the reason this sweet cat landed in their care.

“We were definitely surprised to have a cat surrendered due to being too affectionate,” said Susan Leonti, the shelter’s digital marketing specialist. “Most of our adopters are actually looking for affectionate cats! We believe there is no such thing as a cat that is too affectionate.”


Too affectionate 💔 That’s the reason 4-year-old Jerry was given-up. Jerry is a sweet cat that loves to be pet and rub up against you, but his former owner said it annoyed her too much. Jerry loved her, but she didn’t love him back, so she turned him in to our shelter. Now he’s heartbroken and confused. He’s hoping that someone will love him for who he is – a lovebug! Will you make Jerry your Valentine this year? ❤️ #cat #catrescue #adoptme #catsoftiktok #foryoupage #adoptacat #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Humane Society Broward County

Jerry’s former owner complained that he greeted her at the door and “talked too much.” She was annoyed when he rubbed against her legs and asked for pets. Can you imagine?

The shelter knew they had a special kitty on their hands, so they wrote up a sign explaining why he was there and shared a video of it on TikTok. They made sure potential adopters knew that while he’s extremely friendly, he’s also shy around all the new people in the shelter.

The next morning, there were lots of people who saw the post and wanted to adopt Jerry. The people who wound up adopting him were first in line and ready to accept all the love he wanted to give!

“They saw Jerry’s video on TikTok and ran to the shelter first thing in the morning to adopt him,” Susan said. “They were first in a line of people that had seen Jerry’s video and were hoping to adopt him that morning. Jerry’s new family was so generous that after they adopted him, they sponsored the adoption fees on a bonded trio of cat siblings that we have had here since Thanksgiving: Aramis, Porthos and Athos. The trio is still available for adoption.”


Jerry was adopted! 🙌❤️ Sweet Jerry has found a loving forever home where he can be as affectionate as he wants! Thanks to all of the shares on social media, Jerry’s video was seen by just the right person and she ran to the shelter first thing this morning to adopt him! ❤️ We couldn’t have done this without all of you! HappyFriday! 🎉 #fyp #foryou #cat #foryoupage #adopted #goinghome #catvideo #purr #adoption #catrescue #animalrescue #florida #fortlauderdale #catsoftiktok #tgif #friyay

♬ original sound – Humane Society Broward County

We’re so glad the shelter was able to find the purr-fect family for this precious fur baby. Hopefully these humans are more equipped to deal with all of that unbridled love and affection!

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