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A Frog Prince? No, Just A Frog! This Toddler And Her Bestie Are Toad-ally Adorable.

Juliana holds her pet frog George

Friendships comes in many forms, and some of them are leaps and bounds above the rest!

When mom-of-three Brandie Allon wandered into a Panama City, Florida pet shop last year, she had no idea they were about to welcome her daughter’s new bestie into the family. Two-year-old Juliana fell in love with a white tree frog that was abandoned by his former owner.

white tree frog George

Since tree frogs eat the same food as the bearded dragon and gecko they already had at home, Brandie finally relented and bought the frog for $40. Juliana named him George, and he became her constant companion around the house.

“She wakes up and the first thing she says is ‘baby frog,'” said Brandie. “She wants to hold him right away.”

George rides around on Juliana’s shoulder as she plays, eats, and watches TV, and he even rides in a stroller for walks around the house. They can tell he’s a happy and content frog because tree frogs turn green and turquoise when they’re happy, and dark brown when stressed or upset. George is always green around his buddy, and look at his smile!

Juliana holding George the frog

George lives in Juliana’s room, and the toddler is learning how to care for a pet. She makes sure he has plenty of food and water, and Brandie makes sure her daughter knows the proper way to handle him. Frogs can carry salmonella, for example, so Juliana has learned never to kiss this frog, even if he seems like a prince!

“Hugging is fine, but she always runs to the bathroom to wash her hands afterwards because she knows the rules,” Brandie explained. “I encourage my kids by telling them that if they love animals and take care of them responsibly, they can have one.”

George the frog in Juliana's doll house

“I never thought we would get a frog,” she continued. “Every animal has a different personality, but if you find an old soul like George, I’d definitely recommend getting a pet frog, he’s just a happy little fellow.”

Get a glimpse of Juliana and George hanging out in the video below, and be sure to share.

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