Tom Cruise Acts Out His Entire Film Career In Just 8 Minutes.

This isn’t the first time the hilarious James Corden has made us laugh. It seems he’s always coming out with the latest goofy video, oftentimes featuring the celebrities we know and love!  But this time, James Corden is collaborating with superstar Tom Cruise.


“Are you ready?” Corden asks Cruise. The reply? “No, No I’m not ready. But lets go.” What comes next is a hilarious reenactment of over 20 scenes from Tom Cruise hits. From Top Gun to all 4 Mission Impossible movies to Cruise’s latest project, the Jack Reacher movies, Corden and Cruise cover them all! And they somehow fit it all into about 8 minutes!

They’re able to do all of that with the use of some seriously awesome special effects, props, and insanely quick costume changes. They’re both sweating by the time they get to Jerry Maguire (and we’re sure the off-camera crew are breaking a sweat, too!).

Some highlights: When Cruise first breaks character and starts cracking up during War of the Worlds, when Cruise jokes that Corden has “the physique of a snowman” during Minority Report, and when a surprise guest crashes their Jerry Maguire reenactment for the iconic “show me the money” scene!

Of and– of course– they end it with the famous rock ‘n roll dance from Risky Business! Check out the hilarious video for yourself below.

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