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Toddler’s Oddly Kind Tantrum Challenges Mom To Keep A Straight Face.

A little girl looks up, an adorably angry look on her face. Her mouth is wide open because she's talking loudly.

It’s not easy to be a little kid with big feelings. Learning to process emotions takes time. In the meanwhile, Kelly Pabst’s daughter has found her own unique way of letting out her frustration. What is she mad about? Well, it seems she’s not being allowed to watch a movie.

As silly as that may sound, let’s be honest — that’s pretty darn disappointing. Especially when you consider that, in the short life she’s lives so far, that’s likely to be rather upsetting news. In any case, this tiny tyke was able to find a way to express how she felt in the only way she knows how: through giving her mom compliments.

“You are the best mama in the whole world!” she practically screamed in a tone that did not match her words. “And you make me happy!”

Needless to say, Kelly had a tough time not giggling at her little girl’s strangely complimentary tantrum.

“Trying my best to stay calm and straight faced during this ‘tantrum,'” Kelly wrote.

Watch this adorable kiddo both confuse and delight her mom in the video below.

@kel_pabst Trying my best to stay calm and straight faced during this “tantrum” #toddlersoftiktok #toddler #threenager #three #tantrum #kindness #kindnessmatters ♬ original sound – Kelly Pabst

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