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Daughter Is “A Mess” After Finding Letter From Late Adoptive Mom To Birth Mom.

Image shows adoptive mom in a hospital bed with her two children sitting on either side of her.

Adoptions happen every day. The decision to offer a child for adoption is never an easy one; however, it is an act of love. When a biological parent makes this decision, they are offering a part of themselves into the care of the adoptive parents. This letter is deeply touching, from an adoptive mom to a birth mom. It reminds us why biological parents make the decision to allow someone else to raise their child. 

The letter, written years ago, was recently discovered by the daughter, Amy, with her original adoption paperwork. Amy shared the letter on Twitter (Now X) in a tweet that has garnered more than 6.3 million views. 

Although Amy lost her adoptive mom in 2013 following a long battle with cancer, she is thankful for the love and care she received growing up. When reading the letter, in the first post of this series, Amy states that she is a “mess.” We can certainly see why. The cache of documents also contained other letters to Amy and general notes from her mom. 

One letter, dated November 5, 2002, was a simple note telling Amy that if she ever decided to search for her birth mom, her parents would support her. The entire thread on Twitter (Now X) is uplifting. Adoptive children chime in, adding their experiences. Birth parents talk about how they made the ultimate decision and are happy for the children they gave up. 

Amy took the time to answer as many responses as she could. We can only imagine the emotional toll that the day had on Amy. The defining message is that adoptions are built upon a foundation of love. The birth parents love their children enough to let them go when they cannot raise them, regardless of the reason. Adoptive parents provide love and stability, raise children, and watch them succeed. 

Part of the letter Amy found includes an update on how well Amy was doing in the eyes of her mom. Amy was nearing her 19th birthday when her mom wrote the letter. After talking about Amy’s successes thus far, the message shifts. Amy’s mom tells her birth mother that she has been in their thoughts often. 

If you were ever doubtful of an adoption’s impact on the child, the adoptive parents, and the birth parents, this thread should ease your mind. It epitomizes the outpouring of pure love that encompasses the entire process.

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