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Toddler’s DoorDash Delivery Has Mom In Stitches — And 31 Cheeseburgers Richer.

Parents never quite know what to expect from their offspring. Even when they’re being quiet and behaving themselves, they could easily be up to no good.

Kelsey Golden of Ricardo, Texas has three kids, so she knows a thing or two about handling those unexpected curveballs kids like to throw. Even so, the experienced mom was thrown for a loop by her youngest son’s latest stunt, and she hasn’t stopped laughing yet!

Kelsey was at home with 2-year-old Barrett while her older kids were at school. She was doing some work on her computer while Barrett played with her phone. She says the toddler loves to take pictures with the phone’s camera, so she assumed that’s what he was up to. Boy, was she wrong.

“He was really just flicking it around and making like roller coaster moves with his arms and fingers,” she said with a laugh. “I thought he was just looking at his reflection and carrying the phone around and about 30 minutes later, I got a text from the DoorDash company that was like, hey, it’s gonna take a little bit longer than usual to take your order.”

Confused, Kelsey wondered if she’d ordered some Happy Meals to have sent to her older kids’ school. She had done that before, but didn’t recall placing an order. She even called the school to warn them a driver might arrive!

Instead, there was a knock on her door at home.

“So I go and open the door and there’s this girl standing there and she’s like, ‘Your 31 cheeseburgers?'” Kelsey laughed. “I just stared at her awkwardly for like 15 seconds but then I just took them, like, ‘Oh, thank you!'”

That’s right, Barrett had apparently ordered up 31 cheeseburgers from the local McDonald’s! Not only that, but he added a generous $16 tip, bringing the total to $91.70. That’s an expensive lunch, Barrett!

In case you’re wondering, no. Barrett doesn’t even like cheeseburgers!

“He ate half of one,” said the exasperated mom. “We had about 30 and a half cheeseburgers on our hands.”

Since sharing is caring, Kelsey put a message out on Facebook about her cheeseburger boon. Soon she had total strangers coming by to get a free burger!

“One was a pregnant woman and she wanted six, no judgment, you know?” she laughed. “I was pregnant three times.”

Throughout it all, Kelsey kept her sense of humor and focused on what really matters.

“It was an innocent thing.” Kelsey said. “He was just playing with my phone. I don’t strive too much for perfection. My kids are really super happy and that’s what matters.”

Amen to that! Share this story to laugh along with Kelsey and Barrett.

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