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Toddler’s Comedic Timing And Love Of Queen Turn A Flight Delay Into A Delight.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a toddler sitting in a stroller. Text on the image: Plane was delayed 5 hours but all good, our 2 year old was providing live entertainment featuring QUEEN. The second photo shows that same toddler being pushed to a new location. Text on the image: GOODBYE EVERYBODY.

Bringing a toddler to an airport is stressful on its own, but having a flight be delayed for five hours with a little one in tow is a parent’s worst nightmare. Luckily, for this family, that wasn’t the case at all. Rather than getting cranky, which would be understandable in a situation like this, their 2-year-old daughter found a fun way to entertain herself and the rest of the folks nearby.

While sitting in her stroller, this mini-Queen fan began to passionately sing the lyrics to the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” She didn’t get all of the words right, but she certainly had the right spirit. To top it off, the little girl seemed tired. Still, that didn’t deter her from singing her heart out!

Best of all, it seems as though this talented queen has mastered the art of comedic timing. Just as her Dad began to push her stroller, moving her to a new location, she began to sing out, “Goodbye everybody! It’s time to go!”

Thankfully, this glorious moment was captured on video and shared by user mindyour on Reddit.

Watch the 2-year-old’s magnificent performance in the video below.

When you’re a Queen fan and got delayed at the airport.
by u/mindyour in MadeMeSmile

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