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15 Whimsical Mugs Discovered On A Man’s Search For The Very Best

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man smiling with his eyes as he uses both hands to hold a comically large mug up to his face. The mug is, quite literally, bigger than his head. The second photo shows a man looking down, a bit cross-eyed, at the frog mug he has placed near his mouth.

What started out as a silly moment between co-workers has quickly turned into a beloved Instagram account by the name of One Man One Mug. The idea for this hilarious account began when it was tea time at an office in the UK. An employee, who is known to avoid being the one to make everyone’s tea, was up for duty on this particular day. For laughs, they gave one of their co-workers a crab mug, saying “This is to go with your crabby mood.”

The employee insisted the man take a photo and share it on social media – and the rest is history! The two of them began searching for their office’s silliest mugs to share online. Soon after, their search expanded to beyond their workplace. Now, they’ve garnered so much attention from their silliness that they’ve collaborated with mug makers and tea brands! Keep scrolling to see 15 of our favorites.

1. “Feeling a bit crabby.”

2. “Really wild Wednesday!”

3. “Upping my game!”

4. “Pathetic. Try harder next year!”

5. “FIN-ishing my morning brew!”

6. “Toucan play that game.”

7. “Words cannot espresso how much I love Mondays.”

8. “This might be the most paw-ful pun I’ve written yet.”

9. “Watch me whip, watch me neigh neigh!”

10. “I keep hitting the space bar but I’m still on earth.”

11. “Fairy Godmugger.”

12. “Have an Egg-Celent Good Friday!”

13. “Wednesday, what an absolute hoot!”

14. “Finally found a bigger mug than myself.”

15. “I’m toadally in love with today’s mug.”

Sometimes, it’s the silliest and most wholesome content that blows up online – and we absolutely adore when that happens! Now, anyone else in the mood to go shopping for some new mugs?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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