Toddler With “Golden Girls” Hair Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

golden girls hair

“Thank you for being a friend, Evelyn Mae!” This tiny tot is winning the hearts of millions thanks to her adorable charm and Golden Girls hair.

The one-year-old became an instant internet star after her grandma, Trina King, posted several short clips of the precious diva living a day in the life while sporting a Rose Nylund ‘do.

After the first post earned over 15 million views, the Today Show reached out to learn more about the toddler’s style. Trina said that both she and Evelyn’s mother, Trina King, are hairstylists. So when Evelyn needed her first cut, she let her mom take the reins.

Trina envisioned Evelyn’s old-school idea after remembering how to create the “wet set” look at beauty school.

“It’s when you put gel in the hair and wrap it in small rollers and (set it) under a dryer,” Trina told the publication. “When it’s done, you tease it and smooth it out.”

Trina thought her granddaughter looked hilariously cute, so she posted a video of her on social media, and then she posted more. When millions of people interacted with the posts, she was shocked.

“I was not expecting that” Trina continued. “It’s made so many people happy.”

The proud grandmother has decided to keep Evelyn Mae’s Golden Girl hair and stardom moving. And she teased that she already has dozens of ideas in the works.

“We have so many ideas for videos,” she noted. “What a fun ride.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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