Tiny Fan Boogies To “Uptown Funk,” Strikes Cutest Pose When Song Says “Stop!”

If Jennifer Lopez ever decides to do a “World of Dance” spin-off with toddlers competing for the grand prize, one of the first contestants should probably be the little girl in the video down below. A linoleum kitchen floor serves as little Katie’s dance floor as she boogies down, shakin' it for all she’s worth to Bruno Mars’ 2014 pop hit “Uptown Funk.” The video’s only 17 seconds long, but wow, does she know how to pack a punch! The cutest part comes at :12, when Mars commands, “Stop, wait a minute.” Little Katie holds a tiny finger in the air. “I love her cute little round face when she sticks her little finger up in the air! It makes me want to pinch those little fat squishy cheeks,” one person wrote after viewing the clip on YouTube. Other commenters agreed. Bruno would be proud. Watch the adorable performance in the video below, and share to spread some smiles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjG_THqxYHQ
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