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Rescuers Scramble To Reach Trapped Toddler, Then Young Boy Volunteers For Risky Plan.

One decision can make or break the moment that defines us.

Segarcea, Romania is a small town numbering about 8,000… so when one of their own was in danger, droves of people rushed to the scene to help. A toddler had managed to fall into an uncovered pipe in the ground that was too narrow for an adult to traverse. As rescuers frantically tried to uncover the pipe with heavy machinery and shovels, a 12-year-old boy suddenly stepped up and volunteered for the risky, rescue mission.


The boy’s feet were tied to a rope as they lowered him headfirst into the pitch black, narrow prison.

After a few moments of uncertainty, the young man was lifted from the ground clinging to the clothes of the toddler. A frantic father snagged the toddler from his rescuer and covered him with kisses and rushed him to the hospital where he fully recovered in a few day’s time.

If not for this brave boy, who knows how this situation would have turned out.

When the time comes for you to define your life, don’t miss it! Chances are you’re there at exactly the right time.

Check out the daring rescue in the video below!

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