Family Hears Desperate Barking From Pipe 20ft Underground, Rescuers Rush To Save Trapped Dogs.

Around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning, fire, police, animal control personnel, and first responders in Boxford, Massachusetts were called to help two trapped pups. The family became worried when they couldn’t find their lost dogs. When they heard barking coming from an underground drainage pipe 20 ft underground, they knew the problem was serious and called in reinforcements.

The fire department used a special device called a sewer camera to get a closer look inside the pipe. According to police, the dogs had somehow managed to crawl 65 feet into the pipe. By noon, it became clear the dogs would not be able to free themselves, so the Boxford and Georgetown departments of public works began digging with bulldozers to reach the two dogs. The rescue turned into a five-hour all-out effort to free them from their subterranean prison.


Crews had to work slowly because the situation was more dangerous than it first appeared. According to the homeowners, a large propane tank was buried right next to the drainage pipe, and one clumsy move with the backhoe would send everyone up in smoke.

Eventually, the smaller of the two dogs, Winston, managed back his way out of the narrow pipe. After about an hour of frantic digging, rescue crews were able to free the larger dog, Rosie.

Thankfully, both pups were safely returned to the surface, though a little wet and dirty.

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