Dad’s Hilarious Solution To Stop Toddler’s Tantrum Has Everyone Cracking Up — Including Her!

Left image shows a toddler having a fist-pumping tantrum. Right image shows the same toddler laughing seconds later with her dad's quick fix.

Everyone has experienced an overtired and unruly toddler having a major meltdown in a restaurant. A toddler tantrum is impossible to predict; it happens in a flash. Many parents will take their toddlers outside to give them space away from crowds and over-stimulation. Some have other tried-and-true methods. The father in the video below found a genius way to arrest his toddler’s poor behavior.


“Alright, you’re under arrest” 😂 great job redirecting this one, dad. Her laughter says it all 💫❤️❤️ (🎥 via: @Kat Bonny )

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The toddler tantrum started over a glass of iced tea. The noise level increased quickly from a firm “It’s MY tea!” to an outright, full-throated scream. Dad tried to calm her with words. That had no effect, and the toddler’s sound level kept increasing. Then, the dad announced to the toddler, “Alright, you’re under arrest.”

Image shows a dad "arresting" his daughter in a restaurant when she had a toddler tantrum. She was giggling and laughing.
Image from Facebook.

The toddler tantrum immediately stopped as the dad spun her around. He took both wrists in one large hand. The toddler began laughing immediately. We can assume that this is probably not the first time she’s been “placed under arrest” by her dad.

He performed a mock search of the tiny tot with his other hand. While searching (you spell that “tickling,” by the way), the dad asked, “Do you have anything you can stick me with? Anything that’ll poke me?” By this time, the toddler tantrum had been forgotten and had become a major gigglefest.

Seconds after the start of a tantrum this dad had his toddler giggling uncontrollably.
Image from Facebook.

With everyone giggling at the table (and any nearby tables), the dad arrested the toddler tantrum. We didn’t stick around long enough to see if the paddy wagon came to pick up the young offender. She reportedly received the stiff sentence of an afternoon nap for her crime. This is the most effective shutdown of a toddler tantrum we have ever seen. Please share this ticklish adventure.

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