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Rebellious Toddler Refuses To Leave Dance Floor With Mom, Steals Spotlight Instead.

Sometimes toddlers just want to have a good time. If you give them a stage and some music they can bounce along to, they’re bound to put on a show.

Sure that stage might actually be a ballroom showcase for grown-ups … and they might be interrupting the festivities. But they’re often too young and too uninhibited to care, and that’s kind of awesome!

After all, how else would we get hilarious viral clips like the this one involving a dance-happy baby girl?

dancing little girl

This toddler, in love with the music, wandered onto the dance floor. She soon began to rock and bounce along to the beat. The toddler didn’t pay too much attention to the couple dancing nearby, except when she needed a bit of inspiration as to what to do next.

Embarrassed, her mom quickly tried to get her off the floor.

mom tries to escort off dance floor

But the little girl dodged her, determined to entertain the room.

toddler refuses to leave

When the other dancers stopped, she finally got her chance to show her moves with no distractions.

baby happy

The little girl was so pleased, she bursts into adorable applause.

happy clap

We hope this future dance star continues to showcase her moves for the masses. To see her cute show-stopping dance, click the video below.

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