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Mom Starts Cracking Up When Dog Comes Up With Goofy Way Of Sledding With Dad.

What is it about pets doing very human things that make us laugh out loud?

Whether it’s sitting in a human-like fashion on the sofa, walking on their hind legs, or actually saying words, our animals pick up on our habits more than we even realize. And while we laugh at them for it, when you think about it, they’re actually pretty smart for copying us!

One particular instance of a dog copying his dad sent the family into hysterics, but when you see just what the pup did, you’ll be amazed at his cleverness.


According to the video caption, when it snowed recently in Georgia, this family took their toddler sledding. “After a few times ou[r] dog acted like he wanted to go…”

The dog tried to figure out the most comfortable position before finally deciding on his dad’s back!


In the funniest piggyback ride ever recorded, the dad and dog sledded together down the snowy hill.

Naturally, the sight caused the whole family to burst out laughing.


But the dog wasn’t ready for the fun to end, and rather than calling it an afternoon, he trotted to the top of the hill for another go.

We certainly hope it snows more in Georgia so this can happen more this winter!

Watch this adorably hilarious video below, and don’t forget to share with someone who needs a good laugh.

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