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Mom Checks Baby Monitor And Sees Daughter Performing Cutest Bedtime Ritual.

toddler prays in bed

Sometimes, little kids surprise us in the most heartwarming and unbelievable ways.

When the Whitt family went out one night, Kathryn and her husband got home right before 2-year-old Sutton’s bedtime, and because it was a little later than usual, Kathryn decided to skew from their normal nightly routine. She tucked Sutton in and left her to doze off.

But the little girl wasn’t ready to sleep without finishing her bedtime ritual, which included doing what she and her parents always did before bed… say their prayers.

Naturally, the 2-year-old knew she could handle them on her own, so she launched into who and what she was thankful for.


In the caption of the video that Kathryn originally posted to Facebook, she wrote, “We put Sutton to bed about an hour ago and then heard noise coming from her room. We turned on her baby monitor and found her praying!”

Along with her parents, Sutton also thanks God, someone named Robert, and her grandma. But possibly the cutest thanks of all was Santa Claus and someone or thing (a stuffed animal, perhaps?) named Duckie.

There’s no telling how long Sutton was praying if she was still at it an hour after her parents put her down. What a sweet and grateful little girl.

Watch and listen to her prayers in the video below, and share if you’re inspired by how thoughtful little Sutton is!

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