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How A 280-Word Tweet Sparked A Romance Between Strangers — And A Wedding!

Rachel Moore and Chris Gazel and tweet that introduced them

You never know when or where you will meet the love of your life.

Rachel Moore probably wasn’t thinking about getting married when she spotted a cute guy in a video made by YouTuber @JaredDines. She just thought he was good looking, so she thought, ‘why not?’ and fired off a tweet to the content creator asking for help tracking the man down.

It didn’t take long for the guy in the video, whose name is Chris Gazel, to spy Rachel’s message and hit reply.

“Hey, that’s me,” he wrote.

“Hey, do you wanna be friends?” Rachel queried.

“Hey, yeah,” he replied.

They two did indeed become friends – and then some! They embarked upon a long-distance relationship that spanned the next four years, taking road trips to bridge the gap that the internet couldn’t reach. Last June, they got engaged, and in October 2022 Rachel updated Twitter on the status of the relationship that started with a simple tweet.

Incidentally, Rachel happens to be a writer who pens, you guessed it, romantic comedies! Yet, even an author couldn’t have predicted what that tweet would mean to both her and Chris in the long run.

After Twitter went wild with the news of their marriage, Rachel updated her Instagram with photos and more details about their relationship.

“You ever just meet the love of your life & create four years of favorite memories all thanks to one 280-character tweet?” she wrote in a caption. “On August 3, 2018, I had *no idea* that my little brother was going to show me a YouTube video after work or that that video would lead me to the long-distance-relationship-cross-country-road-trip-build-a-life-together kinda love I always dreamed of. But here we are. Happy anniversary to the little tweet that could.”

She even shared a few wedding photos, so all of us romantics who dream of the perfect meet-cute can keep dreaming of someday sending our own “little tweet that could.”

Many people on Twitter are using Rachel and Chris’s story as a reminder that you want something, take your best shot! You just never know when a silly little tweet or message might change your life forever.

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